APDS offers numerous resources designed to provide organizations with the information needed to apply the global parking data standard. This section includes all of the tools necessary to apply the standards to your operation, as well as a platform to offer feedback. 

Open API Specification Repository


APDS has launched the OpenAPI specification repository under the official APDS Github account. Access the link to the current repository of APDS API formats here. 

APDS Versions


Review previous versions of the APDS documents. 

Submit Your Feedback

Submit comments, questions, or suggestions on the APDS standards. 

APDS Supporters

APDS is built on the firm foundation of community support and expertise by parking, transportation, and mobility professionals around the globe. The APDS community includes numerous global partners and continues to grow. 

Become a Supporter


Support the APDS Standard and express your organization’s commitment to further the use of the standard. Get on the growing list of organizations that support the global effort to use APDS to streamline innovation in our industry. 

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