APDS Requests Formal Recognition by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

August 26, 2020

The Alliance for Parking Data Standards (APDS) recently requested that the 

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) consider adopting the APDS

standard for parking data as a basis for a future ISO standard. ISO is an independent,

non-governmental network of national standard bodies bringing together experts to

share knowledge and develop voluntary, consensus-based, market-relevant international

standards supporting innovation and providing solutions to global challenges.


The global ISO network includes a membership of 165 national standards bodies. ISO

standards cover a wide range of topics including business, healthcare, transport, technology,

and manufacturing. The ISO utilizes its 792 technical committees and subcommittees to

evaluate and approve the development and adoption of new standards.

In April of 2019, APDS approached the ISO to formally consider the APDS standard for adoption. This would include establishing a global standard for parking data terms and definitions, as well as a common global baseline for parking applications to be utilized by governments, municipalities, suppliers, operators, regulators, enforcement agencies, service providers, technology platforms, automotive interests, and ultimately users worldwide.

Following a formal review and consideration process, the ISO’s 30 contributing National Standard Bodies voted strongly in favor of developing and adopting the APDS standard as an ISO Technical Specification.

This work, based on APDS specifications, began recently, and will be followed by a period of expert contributions. The ISO development program will follow a 24 month standard track, but with the main technical solidification of the technical content over the next year. This process will conclude with the review and adoption vote by the relevant National Standards Bodies.


ISO standards are recognized globally. In Europe, ISO Standards have formal recognition within public procurement as can be seen within several European public procurement regulations.


Download the APDS specification.