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May 19, 2021
In General Discussions
This is something to look at for the next phases.. There is a lot of work being done around intelligent transport infrastructure that includes parking as a theme. The Dutch road authority is using their 'Talking Traffic' program to distribute traffic light status, road condition (from any supplier) and parking information live along with options to trigger commands to change the sequence of traffic lights and signs i.e. for emergency vehicles or to encourage cars to use park & ride facilities in certain conditions. The open distribution of Parking related information is embedded in the C-Roads, C-ITS, Connected and Autonomous roadmaps, as well as in all tenders that appeared in these areas last year. In the C-Roads world parking data can come from any source, the tenderer then creates a message broker/management service that service providers connect directly to either live or on request. The key difference being the information covers all road user needs - emergency road works, traffic status updates, journey times, individual vehicle data (e.g. Electric vehicle battery states), parking, public transport information etc. If we can get the APDS embedded in this space then as the sector specialists there is a true value add. If we don't the we may end up with two options - one driven from a parking perspective, the other from the road authorities.


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