The Alliance for Parking Data Standards (APDS) is a not-for-profit organization formed by the International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI), the British Parking Association (BPA), and the European Parking Association (EPA). The mission of APDS is to develop, promote, manage, and maintain a uniform global standard that will allow organizations to share parking data across platforms worldwide.

What does a parking data standard accomplish? Creating a consensus-built international standard establishes a common language for data elements and definitions in the parking, transportation, and mobility sector that helps to facilitate seamless integration, compatibility, and communication between parking entities, the automotive industry, IT developers, map and app providers, as well as other stakeholders.

The new Alliance integrates the International Parking Industry Payment Standards (IPIPS) developed by EPA and already available, and the Data Exchange Standards (IPI-DataEx) developed by IPMI. The IPIPS protocols ensure interoperability and help simplify the complex world of e-payments in parking. The Alliance Data Standard will cover the full range of parking data elements, including parking location information and transactions, pricing, and occupancy/utilization.

Chaired by EPA Board Member Nigel Williams, the Alliance Board of Directors includes members from each of the three founding associations.

The complete slate of officers includes:

  • CEO:  Shawn Conrad, CAE, CEO, International Parking & Mobility Institute

  • COO:   Andrew Pester, CEO, British Parking Association

  • Chair: Nigel Williams, Board Member, European Parking Association

  • Board Members:

  • From IPI: Laurens Eckelboom, vice president, business development, connected vehicles, SAP and Mike Drow, CAPP, senior vice president, corporate development, T2 Systems

  • From BPA: Keith Williams, technical director, Parking Matters (UK), and Nick Lester-Davis, consultant, Past President EPA, Vice President Ertrac

  • From EPA: Martin Kammler, guest EPA Board member, Managing Director Scheidt & Bachmann and Joao Caetano Dias, EPA Policy and Strategy Committee, Empark

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